How to Use Apple Headphones On PS4

If you enjoy playing PS4 games like me, then you’ll understand how much having a pair of headphones that are compatible with the game can improve its immersive nature. Unfortunately, we’ve all been in the situation where we’ve misplaced or damaged our daily headsets but own a pair of Apple headphones and might be wondering if the Apple headphones work on PS4.

As a whole, Apple headphones work clearly and reliably on the PS4 for audio via a direct cable connection. However, the microphone will not work because Apple uses the CTIA standard headphone jack connector, whereas the PS4 controller only supports OMTP standard connectors.

In this article, I will guide you through three easy steps to connect your Apple headphones to your Sony PS4. I will also share with you the hack I found that will get your Apple headphone microphone to work on your PS4. Intrigued? read on.

How to Use Apple Headphones as a Mic On PS4

How to Sync Your Apple Headphones With a PS4

  1. Find Your Apple Headphones and connect them to your PS4 controller. Before connecting, ensure that the audio jack is not damaged and that both headphones operate correctly.
  2. Plug your Apple headphones into the PlayStation 4’s audio input port. The audio input port is located on the bottom side of every PS4 controller. Always ensure the jack is plugged in properly and doesn’t bend at an uncomfortable or stressful angle.
  3. Automatic Setup. Your Apple headphones should begin to provide you with sound automatically.
  4. Sometimes, a Manual Setup is required. You can do this by going to your PS4’s settings menu and turning on the headset under the Audio Devices section.

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How to Sync Your Apple Airpods With a PS4

Apple AirPods and the PS4 do not often sync, but they can link up with a few simple hacks. Most certified Playstation parts dealers sell reasonably priced Bluetooth adapters. The most important aspect is that once you have the dongle or adapter, you can connect it to any Bluetooth device.

Follow the steps below to link your AirPods to the PS4 using a Bluetooth dongle.

  1. Turn on your PS4.
  2. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the PS4’s front USB port.
  3. Put the Bluetooth adapter into pairing mode after plugging it into the PS4.
  4. Put your AirPods into pairing mode as well by pressing and holding the pairing button on the back of the charging case.
  5. Your AirPods and PS4 will now automatically connect. The pairing light on both of your AirPods and the Bluetooth dongle will stop flashing at this point.
  6. Confirm the pop-up message that appears on the screen of your PS4. The confirmation message displays after the AirPods and Bluetooth dongle stop flashing.
  7. The setup will be complete. You can now play your game while wearing your preferred Apple AirPods.

How to Talk Without a Mic on PS4

If you don’t have a microphone, installing the Remote Play App on your phone is your best option because it allows you to use your phone as a microphone and is free.

How to Use Remote Play App as a MIC On PS4

  1. Install the “PS4 Remote Play” app on your phone from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Go to Settings on your PS4-> Remote Play Connection Settings-> Add Device.
  3. A code to connect your Device to your PS4 will now be displayed to you.
  4. However, you must first connect your phone and a PS4 controller.
  5. Disconnect your PS4’s controller.
  6. Put your PS4 controller into pairing mode by simultaneously pushing and holding down the PS4 button and the Share button until your controller’s LED starts blinking.
  7. Find your Device’s Bluetooth list in your phone’s Settings section.
  8. Click on your PS4 controller to pair it with your Device.
  9. The LED on your controller will show a solid color when your Device is connected.
  10. Now open the Remote Play app on your phone and log in using your PS4’s credentials.
  11. Choose Register manually, then type in the code that appears on your TV screen.
  12. Click the Settings button in the bottom right corner of the remote play app on your phone.
  13. Then Turn on the microphone.

That’s all, then! You will now be able to use your phone as a microphone for all your gaming endeavors.

Quick Tips on How to Use Apple Headphones With a PS4

  • Take Care Of The Connection Chain: While Apple headphones provide a comfortable and dependable means of audio playback, they can break if not properly maintained. Users should avoid putting undue strain on the PS4 controller’s connection cables, jack, and input port.
  • Remote Play: If your mobile device supports remote play, you can use it to connect your Apple headphones while also having a working microphone.
  • Use Appropriate Equipment: When using your PS4, avoid cheaper alternatives for headphones or converters. Cheaper products can occasionally cause damage to your gaming and playback devices.
  • Seek Professional Help: If you have connection problems but are confident that your components are in perfect working order, you can contact a professional technician at either Sony or Apple to assist you in properly connecting your Apple headphones.

Final Thoughts

This article taught you how to get Apple Headphones to work on PS4. I attempted to cover every method and instruction for using your Apple AirPods on the PS4. You have also learned how to use wired, wireless, and mobile phone connections on a PS4.

Users can enjoy a highly engaging gaming experience on a PS4 with the help of Apple headphones without saving money on pricey headphones for audio playback.

Apple headphones’ connectivity issues are quickly resolved with a few simple steps. For most users, the most immediate solution would be to purchase a safe and dependable conversion device that allows them to use their Apple headphones with their microphones.

Always take care of and maintain your PS4 controller and Apple headphones to avoid unnecessary damage and repair costs.

Thank you for reading my quick guide to pairing your Apple headphones with your PS4.

Can You Use Apple Headphones On PS4 as a MIC?

You can use your Apple headphones as a microphone on PS4. However, they must purchase an audio input converter for their PS4 controller.

Another method is to partially insert the jack into the connector, a relatively volatile process that may cause future damage to the headphones or connector.

Why Won’t My Apple Headphones Work On PS4?

If you’re having trouble connecting your Apple headphones to your PS4, try connecting another audio device to the controller first to narrow down the source of the problem.

There could be a problem with the connection between the headphone jack and the input receiver. Alternatively, you may only need to activate your headphones in your PS4 settings under the Audi Device menu.

How do you Talk in Fortnite Without a MIC on PS4?

On PS4, there are a few ways to talk without using a microphone. One method is to use the game’s voice chat feature. Another option is to use a headset with a built-in microphone.

Can AirPods Pair to PS4?

Although AirPods can connect to PS4, they are not typically designed for simple connection. You’ll need to buy a dependable Bluetooth adapter to plug into your PS4 controller before you can pair it with your AirPods.

Can Any Headphones Work With PS4?

A few different types of headphones work with the PlayStation 4. They are wireless and wired headphones. The wired headphones are the most common type and are plugged into the PS4’s headphone jack. Wireless headphones require a Bluetooth connection to the PS4, and some models include an NFC chip for quick and easy pairing.

Do Bluetooth Headphones Work on PS4?

Bluetooth headphones are compatible with the PS4, but not all games. Some games require using a specific type of headphones, which are incompatible with Bluetooth headphones.

How Can I Use AirPods on PS4 Without Dongle?

There is no practical way to use AirPods without a dongle on PS4, but there are a few unofficial methods. Some users have reported success connecting their AirPods to their PS4 with an Apple Lightning USB Cable.

Why Does PS4 Not Support Bluetooth Audio?

The PS4 does not support Bluetooth audio because it is not required for the system to function.

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